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The electric new Norwegian urban pop band, Aries, has had destiny on their side since birth. The trio were born in the same Trondheim hospital, the same year and the same week in April - hence the name Aries. Though born under parallel circumstances, it wasn’t until later they were reunited through their music studies, became best friends and embarked on a journey to pop stardom together. This journey has seen them travel, performing around the world together, and now has led them back to Norway for the next chapter.

Their new single “No means No” was written by Aryes with production from Viktor Brodin and Martin Heneby at Roasting House in Malmö, Sweden. The girls had wanted to write a modern feminist anthem for a long time, especially targeting the issue of rape. This has been a recurring topic in the media, unfortunately, with discussions about where the blame lay becoming commonplace. With this song, Aryes are proudly championing the view that “No matter what I wear. No matter where I go. Yes means Yes, No means No”.