Nordic Records


more than a record label 


Artists today want more control over their creations and we agree that they should have it. The industry is constantly changing and we recognize that to thrive in it, we must adapt as well. With Nordic Records, artists retain their masters and receive very favorable contracts in regards to royalties and usage. We can do this by offering service packages that suit the needs of the band or artist. By purchasing these packages, more control is maintained in the long term.

Services offered through these packages include:

  • Distribution (digital and physical)
  • Promotion
  • Branding, design and imaging
  • Media Coaching (live and social media options)
  • Many additional services are available either through Nordic or arranged through third parties. Inquire for more info.

Nordic Records has been part of the Norwegian music community since 2002 but the imprint of its owners stretches well beyond that.

For a list of our service packages or more info, please contact .