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Indie POP - Electronic

“ ...a perfect mix of indie pop, coupled with a catchy bridge and slick guitar solo. What more could one want?”
— Indie Shuffle
“Shimmery synth pop magic”
— Earmilk

From an early age, Justin Romanos was drawn to music and songwriting. It didn’t take long before he was a staple in his rural Connecticut hometown’s music scene. There he created his own makeshift home studio and taught himself how to write, play, produce and record music. His ever evolving musical tastes and interests lead down a variety of musical pathways and landed him in the the Music Industry Program at Drexel University. It provided him with a community of likeminded peers, a place to hone his songwriting and, not least, it is where he acquired the nickname “J Pré”. He spent much of his time in the close knit Philadelphia basement community and fronted an indie rock band called SHMNS. After graduation, Justin regrouped, refocused and reinvented himself as a musician. 

Currently, Justin lives in Brooklyn, NY and works under the updated pseudonym “Jay Pray”. The self-titled, LP is a refreshing arrival in a saturated electro-pop scene. Colorful, lush synths and textures are complemented by tasteful guitar riffs and a driving, groove­-centric rhythm section. Justin’s production is accentuated by Electric Lady’s Brandon Bost, and the two shine brightly in soaring, powerful orchestrations and crescendos that inspire and excite. Justin’s atmospheric vocal performances highlight the music he makes, and his whimsical lyrical musings make this a perfect, can’t­ miss summer album.