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When you step into the Philter universe, his self-described cinematic electronica makes up only a portion of the experience that spans beyond the music into film, merchandise, animation and video games. With a dedicated and growing fanbase worldwide, his first album The Beautiful Lies became a success upon arrival and resonated with a much larger demographic than a typical electronica album. The single “Revolver” made it to the top of NRK P3 Urørt playlist (Norway’s largest radio list) and was, by far, their most downloaded artist of all time at the time. Both the album The Beautiful Lies and the single, “Revolver” have been certified gold. 

His follow-up, The Blossom Chronicles, capitalized on the success of TBL and continued the journey of Blossom, Floyd and The Bunny Man, characters that create the trilogy’s universe and are the creative influences behind the music. Floyd, especially, has grown to take on a special place in the fan’s hearts, often featuring in teasers and shorts on the official YouTube page. The artwork is created alongside Jeff Delgado (South Park). 

The recent album, The Campfire Tales, brings his trilogy of albums (including The Beautiful Lies and The Blossom Chronicles) to a conclusion with an experience enhanced by the presence of the Apollon Quartet. The foursome has performed at Carnegie Hall (NYC), The Louvre (Paris), Tonhalle (Zurich) and many other prestigious locations around the world. Their magic helps set the album mood, providing Philter with a prepped canvas for his work. Each contributor adds their own stamp, yet the album maintains the sound and feel of Philter that keeps his fans clamoring for more. 

With music used in a variety of features, (ski-films from Field Production, sporting events, documentaries and advertisements) with clients ranging from Discovery Channel to Norwegian broadcasting station NRK, Philter’s appeal crosses over to a mainstream audience regularly. His music is also often used in major international DJ sets. Most recently, a sample of “Strange Noises”, from The Legend of Iya album (original Game Score), was used in Norwegian favorite hip-hop duo Paperboys’ recent single “Carnival”. 

With a certified Gold album, over 25 million streams and 6,000 fans tracking his upcoming concerts, there is no doubt that the anticipation for anything Philter releases is constantly heightened. Currently branching into previously untapped markets, his global appeal continues to grow and reflects the accessibility of his sound. With one trilogy done, video game soundtracks completed and a list of collaborators in a range of genres, whatever comes next for Philter may be a surprise but it will certainly carry the signature he has built his name upon.


Gold certified Revolver (single)

Gold certified The Beautiful Lies (album)