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Still Changing release In The End

Still Changing released their first full length album today after a sucessful release concert last night at John Dee in Oslo. 
Led by the catchy singles "In The End" and "We Don't Understand", the full release is at it’s most base level about what is ultimately the only thing that matters: The people we share our lives with.

It captures the essence of the band's personal journey through their many years as friends first, musicians second. They are a young yet experienced band, with all the members having been involved in music from an early age. As a child, lead singer Marius Mørve used songwriting to create his own colourful and safe universe after the loss of a close family member prompted his imagination to develop a method of storytelling to cope the loss. Eventually this became a method of fun and engaging escape that expanded without limits. This pure joy for music, a world where anything is possible, is the founding element of his music. 

The enjoyment of music, the experiences and the people you get to meet along the way is what keeps them going. Though for the members of Still Changing (Marius Mørkve, Magnus Dulsrud, Fredrik Bechensten, Markus Agøy Sand), playing in a band is more than simply sharing musical experiences. Those experiences are driven by the close encounters with each other as human beings, sharing our joys and sorrows, observing and learning from each other's lives. How we relate to ourselves and those around us is what really comes to define us as individuals. 

Their backgrounds, their individual experiences and tastes, give In The End the distinct sound Still Changing has developed over the past five years. Each album gives them an opportunity to start over with new colours, ideas, and approaches, all with their past experiences in perspective. 

The album has come together seamlessly from creativity and playfulness in the studio. No sound untested, no input gone unrecognized as long as it gives the song a little extra something. The album shows Still Changing’s ability and need combat the monotonous day-to-day routines using energetic and catchy indie pop rock.

In The End is a story about friendship, musical exploration and is still just the beginning of Still Changing’s journey.